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Sebrina T Rochester, NY - Jan 15, 2023

Scarlette and Dan are super awesome! They get you right into their schedule and are very accommodating! My results for Botox are Incredible!

Stephanie Rochester, NY - Jan 6, 2023

Scarlette and Dan are the dynamic duo!! Scarlette does such an amazing job with Botox. She is easy to work with and very detail oriented. I can’t believe I saw results within 3 days. Dan has helped me significantly with weight loss. I have been struggling over 5 years with PCOS and hormone imbalances. These two are the answers to my prayers! I’m down 40lbs and have a wrinkle free forehead. Thank you

Jen M Buffalo, NY - Jul 18, 2022

I have been battling with diagnosis of hypothyroidism and being symptomatic even when my lab "numbers" were in range for over a decade. For the past year, I have noticed been feeling off, extreme fatigue, low concentration, just not wanting to do much at all! I went to my PCP with the complaints and they ordered more blood work and in the mean time met Dan, he recommended some added tests and I was surprised to know when they came back that some things were out of range, my thyroid is auto immune. I saw Dan again and filled him in on what happened with that blood work and my PCP, which was that they were not going to anything because my other numbers were in range. Frustrated and feeling ignored! Dan offered to help, had further labs in which we found more lows. He came up with a plan. He was the only healthcare professional willing to actually help me!! I have been taking my supplements for a short period but am truly amazed at how i feel already, even my husband has commented on my energy levels! I am very thankful that we crossed paths!!

David S. Rochester, NY - Jun 22, 2022

I had been dealing with some health issues over the years (blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, blood sugar) and despite my primary care doctor running the same tests over and over and prescribing more medications I was not getting healthier. I have not been very active over the last few years and lacked the knowledge on how to properly diet and exercise. I was referred to Dan, who spent more time educating me on proper nutrition and exercise expectations than anyone including my primary care doctor. He also did some additional blood work and discovered some of my hormone levels were abnormal, which he was able to correct (something I feel as though my doctor should have alerted me to). After correcting some of my hormone issues along with getting me on the right medications, taking me off the wrong ones and teaching me what reasonable diet and exercise looks like I am a new person. I feel more fit and healthy, all numbers have improved and I feel more energy. I highly recommend Dan if you are concerned about the direction your health is going and would like a more hands on approach with someone willing to spend the time to effectively treat your health concerns.

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