The purpose of the immune system is to help protect the body from anything that can cause it harm. This includes germs, bacteria, infections, contagious viruses, fungi, and a variety of toxins. Keeping the immune system not only functioning properly, but thriving, is a great way to achieve optimal health. A robust immune system can allow you to function at your very best and reduce the time you spend sick or not feeling well.

Lifestyle activities can directly affect the immune system, as well, in both positive and negative ways. Smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming overly processed foods, and following a nutrient-deficient food plan all contribute to a lowered the immune system. To improve the immune system naturally, making positive lifestyle changes can go a long way. Here are a number of ways to support your immune system for better health:

  1. Get quality sleep – Research shows that the body needs at least seven hours of sleep each night. By doing so, it helps reduce inflammation and stress hormones throughout the body, lowers blood pressure, and improves overall wellbeing.
  2. Improve gut health and digestion – The digestive tract accounts for most of our immune systems. Ensuring that your gut health and digestion are operating correctly and efficiently will result in better absorption of nutrients, a healthy balance of good bacteria, and a smooth-functioning system.
  3. Have Adequate Levels of vitamins and nutrients – The immune system requires a proper level of vitamins and nutrients for optimal function of immune cells. This includes Vitamin D, Vitamin B, and Omega-3, as well as zinc, iron, and protein.
  4. Improve Diet – Eliminating processed foods will help reduce the amount of toxins in the body. Incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and lean sources of protein will help provide the immune system with the nutrients it needs.
  5. Exercise Regularly – Exercise not only helps the cardiovascular system, but it also increases blood flow, circulation of oxygen throughout the body, and stimulates immune cells for improved function.

Monitoring the immune system is easy and can be done by simple blood tests. At Family Health Nurse Practitioner of Rochester, we perform blood work, review results, and create a plan specific to you and your lifestyle to help improve your immune system and overall wellbeing.

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